The Davenport House Museum offers two venues for weddings, receptions, meetings and other special occasions.
There is the Museum’s courtyard garden and the Kennedy Pharmacy which is restored late nineteenth century building.  Both are special, exclusive places in historic downtown Savannah.

Garden Rental

The Museum’s courtyard garden is landscaped with typically coastal Georgia plantings including camellias, azaleas, jasmine and crepe myrtles. The overall color scheme is green and white with highlights of other colors throughout the seasons. Features include an arbor under which numerous couples have exchanged their vows, a parterre edged in boxwood, Italian pots and teak benches.

A Davenport House venue offers celebrants a private setting in the midst of the Historic Landmark District. Read More

Kennedy Pharmacy

The rehabilitated Kennedy Pharmacy offers an indoor setting with a gated patio. The first floor room is available for rental with an open space of 900 square feet. It includes adjustable lighting, a sound board, screen, and speakers for audio visual presentations. In additional there is a small galley with a mini-refrigerator and sink and rest room meeting ADA requirements. It is a uniquely fine space with marble and heart-pine flooring.

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History of the Davenport House Garden

When the Davenports lived on Columbia Square, the space immediately behind the House was a swept bare dirt and sand utility “yard.” The adjacent lot where Isaiah built a small dwelling for his young family was certainly not the ornamental garden seen today. Since the estate inventory of Isaiah Davenport’s possession taken in 1828 lists “2 cows and a calf.” we can assume the bovine either grazed on the property or in Columbia Square. A “cowshed” was located on the property, too. Directly behind the house was a privy, well, and carriage house. During the early 20th century, an apartment building was built on this space.

The present garden’s history began in 1976, created by the Trustee’s Garden Club as a bicentennial project. Through research of period gardens and the Savannah area, Cy Paumier of Land Design/Research Associates of Columbia, Maryland was commissioned to design our garden. Over the years, the garden was monitored and nurtured by the Trustee’s Garden Club members who have made substantial donations to it. During the 1990’s a redesign was undertaken to remove diseased trees and shrubs, as well as to create beds with representational plantings that an 1820’s resident of Savannah would recognized.

Through the continuing generosity of the Trustee’s Garden Club, combined with substantial gifts from private donors, restoration plans were completed by Penelope Hobhouse, renowned English landscape architect, in collaboration with Frances Parker of Beaufort, South Carolina. Together they shaped a garden of all white structural plantings, supplemented by white perennials and annuals. The tea olives are framed by an arbor, which is planted with confederate jasmine and white “Wedding Rose” bushes. White moon flower vines intertwine and bloom in the summer. Annuals are planted seasonally in the surrounding beds and decorative urns.

Seasonal Plants

Fall – Winter
Italian Pots
Snapdragon – White Rocket
Snapdragon – Sonnet White
Dianthus – Floral Lace, White
Pansy – Imperial
Pansy – Magestic
Kale – Winterbo
Kale – Feathered, Peacock Red
Radicchio – Red Trevisio
Parterre Garden
Lettuce – Red Sails
Lettuce – Red Oak Leaf
Kale – Toscano
Italian Parsley
Red-Rib Danelion

Spring – Summer
Italian Pots
Zennia Profusion White
Pentas Lanceolata
Scavola Bombay Blue
Iomoea Sweet Caroline
Plectranthus Mona Lavender
Black Beauty Colocasia (Elephant Ear)
Oxblood Coleus
Parterre Garden
Duck’s Foot Coleus (miniature)

Front of House and Base of Center Italian Pot
Angelonia Serena White
Swiss Chard – Bright Lights