DH People

It’s people that make the Davenport House Museum a vibrant community center beginning with the 35,000 visitors who cross its threshold each year. To serve them the museum has a willing staff of docents, many of whom are volunteers, and shop clerks. The DH boasts of over 55 active adult volunteers and 35 Junior Interpreters, who are teenage volunteers. Advising the staff is the Davenport House Committee. The governing body of the Davenport House is the Historic Savannah Foundation Board of Directors which is also a community-based, volunteer organization.

See the 2014-2015 list of museum volunteers.

Contributors are important community members. This group provides funding to operate the house. Currently the museum receives no outside funding. Thanks to community support, admissions income, and other earned income activities the museum can function at a professional level.

See the list of 2014-2015 Friends of the Davenport House Museum.

In 1999 community members raised the Davenport House Endowment Fund. So as not to jeopardize these important investments, these same community activists raised $280,000 to restore the house to the highest standards. This commitment to the historic site has allowed the site to address maintenance and preservation needs as well as be proactive with issues that could at some point pose a problem. The Davenport House Endowment Directors funded and provided the leadership for the rehabilitation of the Kennedy Pharmacy which was given to the museum by an anonymous donor to benefit the site.

In addition to concern about the museum, a group of supports raised funds to endow the Davenport House garden.

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