Stephanie Blankskein - CopySummer 2014:  Marketing Intern

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Historic Preservation:  Internship

Each summer the Davenport House posts an Historic Preservation Intern to assist with the Museums annually maintenance review and collections inventory.

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Special Projects

Where there is no set program, the museum staff will assist an interested student in creating a project and work schedule which will fit with his/her interests and goals. Students in majors such as museum studies, historic preservation, history, anthropology and related fields would probably be most interested in an internship with the Davenport House.

Past intern projects have included cataloging museum items, inventorying the museum’s collection, reviewing the site’s maintenance needs, creating a preservation database for the building’s windows, creating a tour of the Columbia Square area and researching yellow fever.

Please call (912)236-8097 or email for more information about future internship opportunities.