On May 31st at thDHVolunteersTeaching201415e Davenport House’s Annual Spring Garden Party the Davenport House announced that 180+ volunteers donated over 4,200 hours to the Museum between June 1, 2014 and May 31, 2015. Independent Sector estimates the dollar value per hour for volunteer time in the state of Georgia at $23.07 (2014). This DH volunteer gift of time represents of value of $96,894. “We simply could not operate as we currently do – being open 355 days a year – without our volunteers. What’s more, our volunteers bring us a wealth of skills and experiences that make this Museum a much more vibrant place than it would be otherwise,” explains Jamie Credle, Director, Davenport House.

As the only Savannah house museum that depends as heavily on volunteers in all aspects of its operations including front-line workers, docents and shop volunteers, the DH celebrates and recognizes this good work annually with a party at the end of the busy spring tourist season. “During March, April and May the Museum sees one third of its annual visitation,” says Jamie Credle. “It is at this time of the year that we marvel at the commitment of our community which provides the man-power and woman-power to get the job done,” she continues.

In spring 2015 volunteers presented the Davenport House Oyster Roast, guided visitors through the historic site including specially trained docents for Road Scholars, who participated in an Urban Slavery experience, and living history performers who donned costumes and portrayed characters from the past. “DH volunteers stand ready to put Savannah and Historic Savannah Foundation in its best light because we know we represent what is authentic and positive about our community,” offers Brooke Wilford, President, Davenport House Committee, the volunteer leadership committee of the Museum. The Davenport House is the only museum owned and operated by Historic Savannah Foundation.

For information about volunteering contact the Davenport House Museum at 912/236-8097, info@davenporthousemuseum.org or through the website www.davenporthousemuseum.org   

The Museum presents its Docent Training Program in February, July and October.


"Great House, Greater Tour

This was a beautifully preserved house, with a fascinating history. The tour guide, however, offered so many unexpected insights that made the experience so much more valuable. This house was destined for destruction, and proved to be the catalyst for the preservation of more than 300 structures in Savannah. That idea, alone, is inspiring. Lovely garden out back."  Recent review.