Improvements at the DH


After a long wait the permits are in hand and the construction is beginning on a project to visually link the Kennedy Pharmacy and the Davenport House. The idea for this project germinated in 2000 when Sottile and Sottile created a master plan for the DH campus (the DH and the KP). Time passed and the KP was rehabbed. In 2010 we revisited the “linkage” concept as part of the DH Stakeholders Forum. Community members decided it was still valid and needed – anyone who visits the DH from the lane knows it is needed! Sottile and Sottile graciously agreed to update the design and discussion recommenced on getting the project completed.

The project will include placing permeable pavers in the lane between the DH and KP, adding bluestone to the sidewalk beside the garden and constructing a screen for the AC units and trash cans. With this upgrade the flow between the two buildings will be easier on the eye and more understandable to people utilizing the two buildings. For the next few years, visitors to DH programs and those attending events and weddings will benefit from the project. The long term goal for the museum is to move the shop and office spaces from the lower level of the house into the Kennedy Pharmacy and having the visitor experience begin in the Kennedy Pharmacy with visitors moving daily between the two buildings.

While there are several components to the project, the lane segment has caused the most delay as it is on city property and involves a relatively new idea – at least new to contemporary Savannah. Of it Jonathan Rhangos of Savannah Hardscapes says, “Once complete this will be on the only green lane in Savannah.” Savannah Hardscapes is donating the pavers to demonstrate a test case for their use. Permeable pavers allow the movement of storm water through the surface reducing run off.

Many people have moved this project along including Sottile and Sottile, Bloomquist Construction, Thomas and Hutton Engineering, Savannah Hardscapes, Barlett Tree, John McEllen and the funders — the Davenport House Endowment Directors.

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