Enslaved Household

Tax Digest
1810 – (17) 2
1811 – (13) 1
1812 – (13) 2
1813 – (illeg.) 4
1814 – (68) 4
1815 – (11) 4
1816 – (14) 4
1817 – (15) 4
1818 – NA
1819 – (18) 6 1 Tradesman
1820 – (18) 6 “ “
1821 – (22) 5 “ “
1822 – NA
1823 – Illeg
1824 – (n.p.) 7
1825 – NA
1826 (n.p.) 9 (some mechanics)
1827 (n.p.) 10 (1 a mechanic)

Rep. & Savh Even. – 10/15/1812
p. 3, c. 4
“Fifty Dollars Reward”
Ran away from subscriber on or about the 20th of March last, a NEGRO WENCH named NANCY, about thirty years of age, four feet ten inches high, has a scar on her neck; she can speak the German language; Nancy was formerly the property of George Rentz, who owns her sister by the name of Peggy, they look very much alike; Nancy was once taken, and got off by passing herself as Peggy; they can only be distinguished by the scar Nancy has on her neck, she has been several times seen passing from Savannah to Wilmington Island. The above reward will be paid on proof to conviction of her being harbored by any white person, or thirty dollars if delivered to the subscriber, or lodged in any goal in this state, so that the subscriber get her.
Isaiah Davenport

Savh. Georgian
Estate – Lot 14 Col.; Slaves
4/7/1828 p. 3, c. 4
On the first Tuesday in May next will be sold before the court house in the city of Savannah, between the usual hours of sale, the following property, viz.:
All that lot of land situated, lying and being in the city of Savannah, in the state of Georgia, containing 60 feet front and 90 feet deep, and known and distinguished in the plan of the said city, by the No. 14, Columbia Ward, subject to the payment of an annual ground rent to the corporation of the city of Savannah and nine negroes; via: Ned, Davy, Bella, Jack, Jacob, Isaac, Polly, Peggy and Nancy; levied on ?as the property of Isaiah Davenport, to satisfy an execution in favor of Robert Mitchell.. . .
Geo. Millen, SCC

Savannah Georgian, 4/2/1828 p. 3, c. 1
Slaves at the time of ID’s death

Deed: 2F 330 — Lydia Turner to Isaiah Davenport 30 Nov 1815 rec. 1 Dec 1815
$400 for “A negroe boy by the name of Tom aged about Seventeen years”

Deed: 2G 302-303 — David Baldwin of Sav to Isaiah Davenport 11 Feb 1817
$1250 for “Five Negroes, to wit Bellar (Bella?) a woman about Twenty eight years old and her four children – viz. Jack aged about nine years, Isaac & Jacob twin boys aged about five years, and a girl child about one year old named Polly”

Deed: 2K 123 — Charlotte Atkinson (admin. For Geo.) to Isaiah 29 Dec. 1819 $800
“a certain yellow woman named Mary aged about 29 years and her child named Ann aged about four years”

Deed: 2N 4(1)82-83 – Susannah Clark to Isaiah Davenport 7 March 1825 $650
“three negroes, viz a negro man named Deeping, about thirty years of age; a negro woman named Mary about thirty two years of age, and her daughter, Ann about twelve year of age.”


See Research.  Runaway slave ads.  Savannah Republican, 1819-1823.