Davenport House Exclusive: Noted Illustrator’s Fanciful Design Featured on a Davenport House Tea Towel

Scaled to fit borderNoted British illustrator Allan Drummond has created a drawing which celebrates the Davenport House. It is featured on a linen towel available only through the Davenport House shop. Mr. Drummond’s fanciful cutaway view of the DH shows the exhibit area of the house as well as the garden and the Kennedy Building. This illustration creates a lively and sweet view of our grand old house.

Publications featuring Mr. Drummond’s illustrations include The Willow Pattern Story, The Quotable Golfer, Stories Told by Mother Teresa, and Poems of Friendship: A Treasury of Verse (a few among many).

Allan’s wife Gaye is a floral designer and member of the Davenport House Committee. The Drummonds came to Savannah with Allan’s job as chairman of the illustration department at Savannah College of Art and Design.